Saturday, October 21, 2006

Reyes of Light

2006 World Series
Beertown vs Motown
The Drunk Driving Series
Game #1

Cards - 7
Tigers - 1 FINAL

Cardinals lead series 1-0

Wow, I stopped just short of calling the hell out of this one.

For those keeping score at home, THAT was the Anthony Reyes the Cardinals had tabbed as their top pitching prospect going into spring training. THAT was the Anthony Reyes who one-hit the White Sox and filled in so admirably early in the season. Strange delivery, goofy socks, flat-billed cap and nasty stuff. This experience is going to do wonders for this kid's confidence and helps set him up nicely to move into the rotation next season.

In other news, how long did anyone think Albert Pujols was going to go without driving in runs? Talk about a guy being due. Ditto Scott Rolen, helping the Cardinals bounce right back after Detroit took the early lead with that timely solo bomb in the 2nd. This was the St. Louis Cardinals of '04, '05 and the first half of '06. The imposters of August and September have vanished (thank goodness). Very exciting stuff.

Game #2 tomorrow: Jeff Weaver returns to Detroit...

Update 10/22/2006 6:11pm: I forgot to add, in my earlier post before this game I mentioned how I thought Game #1 could boil down to a contest of nerves. Well, in the first round the Tigers definitely looked like a nervous, rattled team. Maybe they'll shake it off in Game #2 but, either way, the difference in post-season experience showed in this game.