Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Super Tuesday!

Well, this is a pleasant surprise and relief!

The House went down and it went down hard. All fall down! The majority has literally flipped.

Say hello to your new Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, John Conyers.

Say hello to your new Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Charles Rangel.

Say hello to your new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

The Senate is still slightly up in the air but it is just about teetering over the edge. The GOP has already been uprooted from their seats in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. The Dems need 3 more seats to control the Senate and Tester leads in Montana, Webb holds a slim lead in Virginia with the polls just about done reporting and in Missouri, Claire McCaskill has just declared victory (St. Louis rocked Talent's snotbox tonight) .

It looks as if we have a real shot of wresting control of both houses from the Repugnacans by the morning (knock on wood)!

I have never been so glad to be so wrong. Thank goodness. Now lets keep the pressure on the Dems to behave like a true opposition party and place a check on this maniac, radical and disasterous Bush administration.



rcg said...

"I appreciate the joy at having some gains last night, but the US and its democracy are far from repaired, and the people far from redeemed. The acceptance of an unelected president, the impotent resistance and complicity of democrats in starting a clearly and obviously baseless war that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives is generational damanage, not fixed by one election. So have a day of celebration, but then sober up and realize that you have years of repair and apologizing to do to the world. The US electorate is no smarter now than before; had it stopped all this crap in 2000, then it would have my respect. Right now the electorate is nothing more than a drunk managing to find his balance for the first time in six years - still covered in his own puke and reeking of soiled pants and alcohol, but standing. Congratufuckinglations. - FearItself"

That was an excellent comment that you just left on crooks and liars. btw, have you noticed the C & L censors (and deletes posts) and news that does not want given coverage? I think we need another site to congregate on.

FearItself said...

Thank you, but that actually wasn't my original comment. I was just giving a kudo to the guy who originally posted it. I have a comment further up before that though.

Yes, I think I have noticed what you're talking about, though I never made the connection to MoveOn.Org. I actually created my blog in frustration because I had a long-winded comment they wouldn't allow me to post, I think, because it went against the grain of what they wanted to say about dropout rates and NCLB a while back. I can't confirm that's the reason, of course, but I think it is.

But, hey, I'm still down with them. They do good work.