Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bush & the NAACP

I know I said wasn't doing any more of this general politics stuff but I just gotta deal with this. George the Usurper, after 5 years of refusing to do so, finally decided to speak before the NAACP today (he must really be desperate) and expressed his desire to change the relationship between the Republican Party and black America, citing widespread distrust of the GOP in the black community...

WASHINGTON, July 20 — President Bush sought to strengthen his party’s weak ties to black voters today, telling the NAACP he was saddened that the Republican Party — “the party of Abraham Lincoln” — and many African-Americans had become estranged.

Bush Seeks to Strengthen Ties to Black Voters
NY Times

Well, I have a few suggestions for Mr. Bush and GOPers everywhere who wish to achieve this laudable goal for thier party. I call them:

Things for the GOP to consider when attempting to change the Republican Party's reputation with black people (in no particular order)

1. When black people are dying and being displaced by the thousands in the greatest natural catastrophe in the nation's history, avoid discussions about how they all deserved it
for supposedly being morally bankrupt or saying things like, "We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did." (or whatever city it might be). Also, you may find it helpful to send some sort of rescue effort their way too -- some national guard, choppers, a pontoon boat maybe. Something? Just a suggestion.

2. When the Voting Rights Act comes up for renewal, don't try to kill it.

3. Avoid filing amicus briefs on MLK's birthday arguing for the end of affirmative action.

4. Speaking of MLK
, you may want to consider not calling him a communist or a socialist.

5. Politely decline invitations to speak at racist institutions like Bob Jones University with the same frequency with which you decline those from the NAACP.

6. Speaking of the NAACP, don't trump up politically-motivated and hypocritical challenges to their tax-exempt status in an attempt to intimidate that organization, especially (but not only) after rebuffing their invitations to speak to them.

7. The next time David Duke wants to run for office in your party, don't vote for him.

7a. Ask yourself why David Duke feels at ease in your party.

8. Avoid lunches and fundraisers with (and membership in) known racist groups like the White Citizens Council (now calling themselves the "Conservative" Citizens Council). You know, the folks MLK had to fight so hard against?

9. Avoid writing or endorsing books that trash black people writ large as genetically inferior.

10. Under no circumstance should you use the term "tar baby", no matter how much affection you may have the Brer Rabbit stories (Think Cosell/"Monkey", just say no).