Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Olbermann Drills Rumsfeld

Because I am not a full-time blogger, I can be a day or two slow getting some things. Here's an actual good one from the idiot box that I've been meaning to put up.

Earlier this week Donald Rumsfeld, bravely facing the hostile crowd at the American Legion in Utah (snark), gave this disgraceful speech in which he more or less said that over 60% of the American public are "morally confused" fascist appeasers. Of course, at one time this was actually true, but Bush's poll numbers have dropped significantly since then. At any rate, the speech has been well-documented and everyone by now has heard about it so I wont bother with quoting it here. Check the link if you have a morbid fascination with such garbage.

In response, Kieth Olbermann of MSNBC's Countdown scores a direct hit:

Why aren't there more Kieth Olbermann's out there?


Brian said...

I would not call this a direct hit. Olberman is a two-bit sportscaster who somehow "tries" to use comedy (not in this video, but usually) to make his point... but fails.

This rant (6min?) obviously shows that he is an amateur in his field. Many of his ventures into serious journalism or opinion making has failed, I think, due to his strange (wannabe comic-like) personality. He was not able to compose himself while talking, by showing a curved lip all the while, letting his emotion run amok.

His analogy to 1930's England is super-weak. A smoother analogy would be that this administration is realizing the threats (like Churchill), and not disregarding them. I understand the point he is trying to make about hiding, secrets, paranoia and such... but it is a stretch.

I have to laugh when I see him on television, because he takes himself so seriously and tries super hard with the jokes. You can tell that when he makes them, he thinks about it for days beforehand. I do not like O'Reilly so much for the reason he takes himself so seriously as well.