Monday, September 18, 2006

"We're in Iran right now"

Early last year Seymour Hersh of the The New Yorker wrote this piece outlining what his sources told him was a plan by the Bush administration to put special forces inside Iran -- to perform search & destroy missions, target identification and foment unrest -- in preparation for an attack on that country. At the time the article was published his assertions were ridiculed as "far-fetched" and "riddled with errors" by the Bush administration. Not much has been spoken of this since that time.

But then a strange thing happened, something I noticed shortly after seeing that article and in the months before I started this blog. Stuff in Iran started blowing up. Each time the explosions were dismissed as something innocuous but, yet and still, stuff kept blowing up. I got curious so decided to continue to check up on it from time to time and, amazingly, these explosions kept happening. I'm talking about an unusually high number of freak explosions for one country that size without any kind of war (that we know of) going on. It was in the process of this little project that I first thought, "I should start a blog".

As I tracked these explosions and listened to the Bush Administration's simultaneous pronouncements that any talk of attacking Iran in the short term was ridiculous (but not off the table) I couldn't help but think about how, if Hersh was correct, this would all mirror the M.O. used in Iraq. So it all fits together, you know? Mind you, this was nothing one could present as a "smoking gun" for predicting future events or anything but it was interesting nevertheless.

Today, retired Col. Sam Gardiner of the Army War College appeared on CNN and this to say:

We’re conducting military operations inside Iran right now. The evidence is overwhelming. From both the Iranians, Americans, and from Congressional sources.

Ridiculous? It's the Iraq war all over again. The ginned-up intel. The massive propaganda campaign. The WMD scare tactics. The secret war before the official "start" of the war. It's all there once again.

Can't get fooled again.


benny said...

Those who have watched the days prior to War on iraq the present will come as no surprise. Afghanistan was a fiasco and Iraq was an appalling example of lunacy; Iran shall be no different. Public memory is so short, and conditioned as though by commercial breaks while watching TV, bad news are buried under carefully manipulated newsbriefings and patriotic calls to'manifest destiny or some other.'
Those who foul the bed must be condemned to lie therin.