Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Deadwood, USA

I first heard about the "shoot first" laws when Florida passed their version last fall and shrugged it off just some more Florida insanity. Now it seems as though people throughout the country saw this foolishness and thought, "That's a great idea!"

In the last year, 15 states have enacted laws that expand the right of self-defense, allowing crime victims to use deadly force in situations that might formerly have subjected them to prosecution for murder.

Supporters call them “stand your ground” laws. Opponents call them “shoot first” laws.

Thanks to this sort of law, a prostitute in Port Richey, Fla., who killed her 72-year-old client with his own gun rather than flee was not charged last month. Similarly, the police in Clearwater, Fla., did not arrest a man who shot a neighbor in early June after a shouting match over putting out garbage, though the authorities say they are still reviewing the evidence.

That's right folks, it's sweeping the nation. It just got a easier to kill people. This country has lost it's collective mind. It must be that whole "culture of life" thing.