Saturday, August 19, 2006

Has anyone been charged yet?

In a post several days ago I made a brief reference to my general misgivings about any new announcements regarding terror plots due to the long list of cynical, government-sponsored hoaxes to which we've already been subjected. Indeed the war on terror appears more and more to be a war of pseudo-terror waged against you and I. But, in the interest of moderation I decided withhold judgement of the recent arrests in Britain until more facts came to light. The problem is, very few facts are coming to light.

With that in mind I feel it's important to note that today is August 19th, which means it has been 9 days since the disruption by British authorities of the alleged plot to commit "mass murder on an unimaginable scale". The British investigation has led to the arrests of 24 individuals. So detailed was the evidence against these individuals that authorities were able to assure us that the execution of this plot would have been comparable in scale to the attack of 9/11 and that it's execution was "very near", dare I say, "imminent". They even knew about a "dry run" that was alledgedly scheduled for that same week. We were told it had "all the marks" of an Al Qaeda plot and later that it had indeed been approved by Al Qaeda. Thankfully, because of cracker-jack electronic surveillance this dispicable scheme was discovered and routed, they said. That was on August 10th.

To this date not one of these individuals has been charged with a crime dispite what we are told is convincing recorded evidence of their conspiracy. A selected quote from shortly after the arrests:

"It was not just a speculative exercise, by any stretch of the imagination," Deputy Secretary Michael Jackson of the Homeland Security Department said in a telephone interview...

He sounds pretty certain, doesn't he? But then, Colin Powell sounded pretty certain at the UN in February 2003 and we all know how that turned out. Despite this certainty, already one of the individuals, the 24th arrested, has been released unconditionally.

Now, does any of this constitute "smoking-gun" evidence of another hoax? Of course not. The plot may still turn out to be legitimate. But color me suspicious.


Anonymous said...

you should 'enjoy' this:

Brian said...

Under the new UK terror laws, they have 28 days to charge them (I believe). Look again around September 10th. I think you know this already though... you may have mentioned it yourself in an earlier entry.

FearItself said...

Actually, I think some of them have been charged today. I saw a news item mentioning that and a discovery of what was described as bomb-making material. I'm going to write a post about it soon. I just have to free up the time.