Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Election Season is Terror Season

I mentioned in a previous post that I might post a timeline on the many bogus terror warnings that have been foisted upon us over the last 5 years. Well, mid-way through compiling the data I saw on Crooks & Liars that Keith Olberman of MSNBC's Countdown has beaten me to the punch.

Damning stuff. I may still post some other egregious the examples Olberman omitted in the near future. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Here's the latest. These young men were featured in a high-profile story about their supposed plot to blow up the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan with a diabolical stash of cell phones. The only evidence collected against these two was their posession of cash and cell phones. Yet, by the time the story reached the news, they had a full-fledged plot and an intended target. As reported by CNN:

Three men authorities said were found with about 1,000 untraceable cell phones were arraigned Saturday on terror-related charges, and were believed to have been targeting a Michigan bridge, a prosecutor said.

"The targeted issue in this case was the Mackinac Bridge. That is what we have information on," Tuscola County prosecutor Mark Reene said.

The bridge is 5 miles long and connects Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas.

Police in Caro, Michigan, said the men were arrested early Friday and were being held on charges of "providing
material support for terrorism and obtaining information of a vulnerable target for the purposes of terrorism."


"Based on information received from a variety of agencies, we're developing how the actual telephones were sold and revenue was passed from one location to the next, and
obviously it's fairly complex," Reene said.


Authorities believe the men were either selling the phones to make money for terrorism or using them for explosives, WEYI reported.

Amazing how it works, isn't it? They find two guys with cell phones and cash and in short order they are able to tell you with certainty that the men are involved in a complex plot detonate a bomb on a specific bridge using 1,000 cell phones sd detonators OR as a revenue sources in support of the same. Dazzling police work.

Then you find out it's all false. So where did these conclusions come from in the first place?