Monday, August 21, 2006

Someone's Finally Been Charged

In my last post on this subject two days ago I wondered why no one had been charged in the London terror investigation 10 days after the arrests were announced. Today it has been reported by the Associated Press that 11 of the remaining 23 suspects in London have now been charged.

Police found martyrdom videos and bomb-making components during the investigation of the alleged plot to blow up U.S.-bound jetliners, prosecutors said Monday in announcing 11 people had been charged with terrorism offenses.

Officials confirmed for the first time that the plot involved the manufacture of explosives, which were to be used to assemble and detonate bombs inside as many as 10 airliners.
U.S. officials previously had said the plot appeared to involve mixing liquid-based chemicals to make explosives aboard the aircrafts.

One woman was released from custody Monday and police continued to interrogate 11 others who remain "under active investigation," lead prosecutor Susan Hemming said.


The briefing by police and prosecutors lasted less than eight minutes, but provided more information than had been released in the 11 days since the alleged plot was first disclosed and air travel out of Britain was thrown into turmoil.

They said investigators had found
bomb-making materials — including hydrogen peroxide and electrical components — and seized more than 400 computers and 200 cell phones in nearly 70 searches.

More than 8,000 items used for
data storage, such as compact discs, DVDs and memory sticks, were reported found. Maps of
, suicide notes from willing terrorists and books on explosives also were seized, officials said.

"We have also found a number of video recordings — these are sometimes referred to as
martyrdom videos," said Assistant Deputy Commissioner Peter Clarke, who heads the Metropolitan Police's anti-terrorism unit. "This has all given us a clearer picture of the alleged plot."

According to dates given by prosecutors, the plot could have begun last year.

OK, that's the most information we've received so far. But lets go over this terrorist's shopping list a bit:
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • "Electrical components"
  • Computers
  • Cell phones
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Memory sticks
  • Bringing the infidel to his knees... priceless
Uh-oh. I have all these things in my house (except maybe the infidel on his knees). Should I call an attorney? Oh, my gosh, should I have even said that!

The items listed that do seem worthy of notice are, of course, the "martyrdom videos", "suicide notes from willing terrorists" and the "books on explosives". You don't tend to find those in every house. But, once again, before I barricade myself in the basement I'd like to see these things for myself just to be sure. One man's martydom tape is another man's wedding video. For case in point, witness this chilling footage.